Abi and Emma, owners and co-conspirators of Bejta Artisan, first met at the school gates of the local primary school which their children attended. They quickly realised that they shared a passion for art and all things creative. They also realised that there was a great need for creative, innovative arts classes for children in Gozo. Their journey started by hosting small art classes in the school holidays for their own and friend’s children and it was out of these Bejta Artisan was born! In October 2014 they were offered the opportunity to take over a small established gallery. With a start up budget of €75 and a months rent in hand they took a giant leap of faith and opened the Gallery doors. Being a friendly and welcoming place, it quickly developed it’s own community of regular visitors . Never did they imagine that nearly six years later, despite alarms, excursions and pandemics, their micro business would still be running, and be the success it is today.

Over the years their philosophy hasn’t changed. The gallery must be self supporting, house arts and crafts made exclusively in Gozo, be ecologically mindful and only exhibit and produce work that is affordable.

In common with many small businesses, Covid 19 has put the Gallery through its most difficult period to date, but thanks to the ongoing help of their loyal supporters and clients they have managed, so far, to scrape through. During lockdown they realised that they needed to take their gallery into the digital world, so that if the worse should ever happen again and the Gallery doors needed to temporarily close, the business could continue to work.

In the current climate it is more important than ever to support local micro businesses and artisans, as they make their businesses work with only tiny profit margins and are extra vulnerable in times of crisis. Sadly, in this year alone, several Gozo artist have closed their gallery doors permanently. However, Bejta Artisan is still here, so if you are visiting Gozo make sure to look in on this vibrant, lively, one of a kind gallery with its colourful doorstep!  In the meantime, Welcome to our Website!

Abi Macleod originates from Brighton and moved to Malta in 2005.

She trained in Art and Design and Theatre Design at Brighton College and Northbrook College, Sussex. Since leaving college she has worked as an artist throughout Europe eventually specialising in mosaic. In the UK she worked with many community arts based projects including the Same Sky Group who's main aim is to bring art to children from deprived areas of the South East of England. Abi has exhibited throughout Malta and Gozo and since setting up an Artisan Gallery in Victoria, Gozo now has a permanent exhibition space and studios enabling her to develop her own work and work on international projects.




Emma Victoria Morgan was brought up in the North of England and after many years travelling settled in Malta in 2006. She studied Stage Craft and Stage Management at Queen Margaret College, Edinburgh. After Graduating spent many years working for various theatre companies in the UK and abroad, specialising in Stage Management and design.  In 2014 Emma along with Abi Macleod set up an Artisan Gallery and studios in Victoria, Gozo and since having a permanent studio space she has not only been able to start creating her own work but also has been able to take part and implement art projects both in Malta and Internationally.


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